PTFE Non Stick Conveyor Belts

Non stick conveyor belts coated with PTFE is constructed by fiberglass cloth, in order to improve its tensile strength

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PTFE Non stick Conveyor Belts

Non stick conveyor belts coated with PTFE is constructed by fiberglass cloth, in order to improve its tensile strength, it is weaved by thicker fiberglass yarn then coated with PTFE resin to achieve good release property, finally thickness of the material is 0.60mm, it is typically made into PTFE conveyor belts used in various heating tunnel and curing process. This Teflon belt can be continuously running smooth during temperature up to 315℃(600℉).



● Excellent release property, 100% nonstick surface

● High tensile strength, long lifetime

● Abrasion resistant

● Work well under high temperature

● More practical and cost-effective than conventional belting

● Can be used for food baking and packaging

● Durable and dimensional stability

How to joint a Teflon conveyor belt?

1. Slit the PTFE coated fabrics into desired size, if the belt is short, cut 25mm more on the length; if the belt is long, slit additional 50mm length.

2. Prepare 25mm or 50mm FEP film, put two ends together by overlap, place FEP film in the middle like Sandwich type.

3. Use stapler to fix this Sandwich type by stitching on the side; Or use a heavy iron plate to press on the joint part in order to prevent it move.

4. Set the iron machine to 380℃, put the machine on the joint part when it reach 380℃, remain 5-10 minutes.

Mutiflon can customize difference joint type according to your needs


Overlap splice Finger splice Stainless steel Alligator Clipper Kevlar hinge joint

Edge reinforcement and tracking guide can be made if needed


Conducted button Kevlar guide  PTFE fabric edge PTFE fabric edge Kevlar edge

                                                                                          +stitching + stitching


PVC backing carpet production - Non stick conveyor belts is used during the laminating process, PVC backing carpet tile is made of twisted tufts of polyester or other man-made materials, the twisted material will be laminated to the hot bitumen which is allocated on the PTFE belt, they will bond together when cooled.

Plywood sheets curing - plywood sheets is laminated by several wood sheets, our Teflon non stick conveyor belts and Teflon mesh conveyor belt are used for curing.


1. What is the temperature can PTFE non stick conveyor belts stand?

PTFE conveyor belt can resist temperature up to 315℃(600℉)

2. What is the thickness of this heat belt?

Thickness is 0.60mm

3. Is the surface smooth or textured?

The surface of this PTFE belting is textured, the grains will impact on your product

4. Do you have other thickness of PTFE fabric?

Yes, we have different thickness ranging from 0.08mm-1mm.

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