Silicone Rolling Mat

Silicone rolling mat also called silicone pasty mat is perfect for working with dough and even fondant and gumpaste.

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Silicone Rolling Mat with Measures,nothing sticks for easier baking

Silicone rolling mat also called silicone pasty mat is perfect for working with dough and even fondant and gumpaste. Silicone rolling mat is coated both sides with food grade silicone and offers a superior smooth surface which makes it a non-stick work mat for rolling, this silicone pastry mat allows you to be more productive when preparing baked food. Our silicone mat for rolling dough is safe for you to use, material is BPA-free and nontoxic, approved by FDA and LFGB. This non stick pastry mat is durable and long lasting, can be used time and time again.

Silicone rolling Mat

Smooth and anti-slip surface

Silicone dough mat is coated with heavy duty silicone on both sides, silicone coating makes it anti-slip, place this pastry on your worktop, knead dough on this mat, it will just stays in place, will not bunch up, slide or lift.


Keeps your worktop clean

Silicone rolling mat is a replacement of parchment paper not only because of it’s durable and anti-slip feature, but also due to its non-stick surface. The mat is suitable for rolling out cookies, biscuits and fondant without adding tons of flour.


Measures and patterns can be printed on the mat

In order to make baking preparation more convenient, Mutiflon print measures along the edge of silicone rolling mat and circles in the middle of mat. You can make the right size of pizza much easier by using this pastry mat.


Food grade silicone coating

Our silicone mats for countertops are manufactured by 100% food grade silicone without BPA and toxic, the mat is approved by FDA and LFGB.


Extra large size available

Since this rolling mat for baking is used as a workstation for pastry dough, it is important to use perfect size for different baker’s pan or glass stove top in order to reduce mess. Mutiflon offers any sizes according to customer’s request, extra-large sizes are also available for some professional chef.

silicone dough mat

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