Silicone Baking Liners

Silicone baking liners include solid silicone baking mat and perforate baking mat.

Product Details

Silicone Baking Liners, perforated to make your food crispy!

Silicone baking liners include solid silicone baking mat and perforate baking mat. Perforate silicone baking mat is structured by 1mmx1mm fiberglass mesh coating with food grade silicone on both sides. This perforate baking mat is with nonstick surface, it is ideal for baking dough because dough contains about 60%-80% water, it is important to use this silicone mat because it perforated features will allow water seep through the mat and create a excellent crispy bottom of biscuits, bread and pizza. Any size of silicone baking liners can be customized for fit different ovens, logo and patterns can also be printed on it. 

Perforated Silicone Baking Mat

Advantages of Silicone Baking Mat

Non stick to dough and breads

Great for baking sticky materials like gooey dough, caramel

Durable and reusable, save money

Perforated property makes it porous

FDA food grade

Tolerate temperate from -40-260°C

Easy to clean, just wipe with soft cloth in soap water

silicone baking molds

Normal Size of Silicone Baking Mesh

QUARTER SIZE 8-1/4” x 11-3/4”

MEDIUM SIZE 9-1/2” x 14-3/8”

U.S. HALF SIZE 11-5/8” X 16-1/2”

U.S FULL SIZE 16-1/2” x 24-1/2”

Circle Diameter 9.5”


Using Instructions

1. Wash the mat when first use it

2. Place this perforate baking mat on your perforated pan or tray

3. Lay the dough on this silicone baking liners

4. Set your oven to about 180l°C, this silicone mat can be used in  -40-260°C

5. No greasing needed by using this silicone pads, nothing stick on it

6. Do not cut food on this silicone cookie sheet

7. Wash the mat in soap water with soft sponge

8. Slightly oily feeling after washing is normal


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