Use Adhesive Backed Teflon Sheet To Weld UPVC Window Frame

- Aug 08, 2019-

The welding process is one of the main technologies of combining elements made of polymers or  metals used very often in many industrial branches. The last few years show wider use of polymers in mechanical devices. Also, it seems more common to replace metals with polymers in motorization and building industry and to produce household goods.


Four corners of the UPVC window profiles are connected by welding process, our adhesive backed Teflon sheet is an essential tool to make this welding process easier and successfully. 

Our PTFE adhesive backed release sheets is used between the UPVC window frame to be melted and the hot platen, the release sheet resist high temperature up to 500℉, and provide nonstick surface, just stick it on the hot platen, the nonstick surface prevents melted PVC and create a clean weld. This adhesive backed Teflon sheet can be recycle used for many times, and could be easily removed when replacing. 

Adhesive Backed Teflon Sheet

PVC window welding

Adhesive backed Teflon sheet is made of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric, PTFE coating makes the surface 100% nonstick, thus we will do sodium etching process before applying adhesive on one side, this process makes adhesive attach tightly on the fabric and not easy to residual on machine when peeling off for replacing new tape. 

Material of backing adhesive is pressure sensitive silicone adhesive, we import adhesive from USA, the adhesive do not show very high stickiness during common temperature, but will increase stickiness a lot during high temperature. Thus this tape is also used in other applications like hot pressing and hot sealing.


Different thickness and sizes of adhesive backed Teflon tapes are available: