Teflon Fabric Considerations

- Mar 12, 2019-

The fabric that has been finished by Teflon does not have permanent water repellent, but gradually loses the so-called "three-proof" effect as the number of washings increases. It is understood that the "three-proof" effect will appear after washing 4 times. Some decrease, because the Teflon component contained in the fabric after water soaking and rinsing will gradually lose, and the action of microorganisms in nature will rearrange the water-repellent group molecules on the surface of the fabric, so that the surface of the fabric will be able to Gradually rising, the surface of the fabric can be improved, the effect of “three defenses” is reduced, and the fabric loses the so-called “three defenses”. These characteristics tell us that we should not use soaking and rinsing cleaning methods for water-repellent fabrics.