Technical Parameters Of PTFE Composite Fabric

- Jan 30, 2019-

PTFE composite fabric:

PTFE garment membrane pore size range of 0.1 & micro; m-0.5 & micro; m, hundreds of times smaller than the diameter of water molecules, tens of thousands times more than water vapor molecules, with excellent waterproof and moisture permeability and wind and warm function. PTFE film composite clothing fabrics, widely used in sportswear, cold clothing, military, fire, public security, medical care, anti-biochemical and other special clothing, shoes and hats, gloves and sleeping bags, tents and so on.

Composite membrane technical parameters:

Thickness 20-90 µm :

Width 1700mm 

 Air permeability ≤1L/m2.s

 Moisture permeability ≥6000g/m2.24hr 

Hydrostatic pressure ≧100kpa