Silicone Oven Mat

- Apr 05, 2019-

1. Flat-hole silicone pad, which highlights the excellent quality of the product and improves the durability. When the processed steamed buns are used, the mat is not easy to bring up! Simpler and easier to operate, increase productivity!

2. Ultra-fine pore size, reflecting better non-stick performance, steamed buns at the bottom of the bun is more detailed, highlighting the extraordinary characteristics of your product!

3. Imported food grade silica gel, in line with food safety, replace the traditional steamed buns with grass mats and cage cloth to meet the green life of environmental protection economy! Brush oil free! Reuse, greatly saving costs!

4. The product can be steamed and baked, can be baked in the oven, low temperature and high temperature -40 ° to 250 ° C, grilled chicken wings toasted pizza is also applicable! It is used to bake food, prevent food from sticking to the baking tray, and it is very convenient to take food.

ptfe coated glass cloth