Seamless Fusing Machine Belt

- Sep 10, 2019-

Seamless Fusing Machine Belt

Fusing machine belt is a kind of non stick conveyor belts made by Teflon, the belt withstand high temperature up to 260C(500F). Fusing machine belt is divided into seamless belt, laminated belt and belt with joint. The most common type is seamless belt because its lifetime is at least 3 times than the belt with joint, the whole belt is without any joint, there will be no joint impression on your product.

ptfe seamless belt 

Properties of Fusing machine belt

  • Withstand high temperature up to 260C

  • PTFE coating provides 100% non stick surface

  • High level of coating provide smooth surface

  • Special weaving way provide high strength

  • Professional production process to avoid belt running off center


Most factories make seamless belt with max width 1600mm, thus customers have to make belt with overlap joint if belt’s width more than 1600mm. Mutiflon can customize PTFE seamless belt is extra wide width like 1800mm, 2000mm.


Common size of Seamless Fusing Machine Belt:








Any other sizes can be customized

fusing machine belt