PTFE Composite Fabric Application

- Jan 23, 2019-

The traditional thermal underwear is made of polyethylene or polypropylene film and foam composite. The film is completely airtight and the body sweat can not be discharged. A woven fabric of a PTFE film and a laminated fabric of a non-woven fabric can be used for thermal underwear, which has the advantages of moisture permeability, wind resistance, and warmth.

The fabric or other porous outer layer material is glued together with the PTFE film, and the microporous structure is maintained, and the production of the protective shoes can achieve the waterproof and moisture permeable effect. According to standard tests, the moisture permeability of the upper is eight to ten times that of a conventional coated waterproof upper. The upper can also be made of different fabrics, structures, colors, etc. as needed, which can impart the following functions to the shoe: water repellency, moisture permeability, wind resistance, particle barrier property, antibacterial property, and the like. In addition, the lining layer composed of PTFE film can also be joined with leather to make various waterproof shoes (boots) with beautiful appearance. Therefore, PTFE composite fabrics can be widely used in military shoes, civilian shoes, fashion shoes (boots) and many other aspects. At present, most of the labor insurance shoes are not glued together with the PTFE film, and have the disadvantage of being airtight, which is uncomfortable to wear on the foot. Therefore, in order to solve this difficulty, a multi-empty outer layer material can be glued together with the PTFE film.