Proper Use PTFE Teflon Sheet, Save Production Cost

- Aug 26, 2019-

Proper Use PTFE Teflon Sheet, Save Production Cost

Mutiflon provide PTFE Teflon Sheet for Solar P.V. module Lamination, PTFE sheet can be continuously used under temperature up to 260C (500F), surface is smooth and nonstick, proper use of this sheet can reduce cost for the Solar cell production.


1. Before install PTFE sheet on the laminating machine, please keep its surface as flat as possible without any wrinkles, otherwise the wrinkle will leave on your product after hot pressing

2. If there is EVA glue or other residue adhere to the PTFE Teflon sheet, just need to wipe them off with a semi-wet cotton cloth

3. Prepare at least 4pcs PTFE Teflon sheet for each laminating machine, do not re-use the Teflon sheet immediately after each use, cool down the sheet completely first, then remove the EVA on this sheet completely. If the EVA is not removed completely , it will stick to the outer glass of solar cell when you use it again.

4. There may be little difference on color of each batch of PTFE laminate sheet, this is normal and will not affect the quality of the sheet. 

ptfe teflon sheet

Mutiflon also provide PTFE stringer belt, the belt is laminated by two layer of PTFE coated fiberglass, different sizes can be made and the size of holes can be customized, to know more information about the belt, please read:

PTFE stringer belt