How To Stick Teflon Adhesive Tape On Cylinder

- Aug 15, 2019-

How to Stick Teflon Adhesive Tape on Cylinder

Teflon adhesive tape is made of Teflon glass fabric coated one side with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive, the tape can resist high temperature up to 260℃(500℉) and offers 100% nonstick surface. Besides, the material is high tensile strength and chemical resistant, widely used in high temperature conditions and where require good release property, such as heat sealing, heat pressing, demoulding and welding.

Teflon adhesive tape


The typical application of Teflon adhesive tape is sticking of the cylinder of laminating machines . It is important to attach the adhesive tape well on machine, here are some tips to stick PTFE adhesive tape:


1. Clean the cylinder to make sure its surface smooth and no scrap-iron

2. Measure the circumference of cylinder

3. Cut Teflon adhesive tape about 50mm longer than the cylinder circumference

4. Peel off the yellow release paper and stick the adhesive side on the roller slowly, do not peel off all the release paper at once, in order to make the pasting tight, you can press the pasted area with a piece of soft cloth

5. Make sure two ends of the adhesive backed Teflon sheet overlapped together

6. Slit a straight line with utility knife in the middle of the overlap part

7. Peel off the A part(as below picture show), open B part to peel off the C part, and then press the B and D part tightly.

8. Check whether there are small bubbles between the tape and drying cylinder carefully after pasting, if there are bubbles, you can eliminate the bubbles by sharp objects such as pins.

Teflon adhesive tape for cylinder

Mutiflon produce Teflon adhesive tape in high quality, our PTFE is imported from DAIKIN and the pressure sensitive silicone adhesive is imported from DOW CORNING. Surface of our tape is durable and adhesive increase under high heat while with no residual glue when peeling off. Different sizes and thickness are available: