E-PTFE Fabric

- Jan 09, 2019-

The e-PTFE fabric is pressed from the e-PTFE film and the fabric through a special process layer. Generally divided into a single patch fabric, double paste fabric. Single paste (two in one): e-PTFE microporous film is made of nylon or polyester fabric as a surface layer; double paste (three in one): nylon or polyester fabric as the surface layer, nylon warp knitted fabric as the inner layer, The middle is pressed by an e-PTFE microporous membrane layer. Experiments have shown that when the temperature in the microclimate zone near the human skin is around 32 °C and the humidity is around 50, the human body is in the best physiological state. The sweating of the human body is an effective means of heat dissipation in the regulation of heat balance. 80% of the body's heat dissipation is evaporated through the surface of the skin. For a long time, PVC, PU, TPU and other coatings and laminated fabrics have certain effects on the waterproof and warmth of clothing. However, because sweat can not be discharged to the outside of the garment, sweat is accumulated in the garment, making the human body feel wet and cold. The phenomenon of boring. The special micro-porous structure of e-PTFE fabric makes it excellent in waterproof, moisture-permeable and wind-proof functions. It is truly waterproof, moisture-permeable, wind-proof and breathable, and makes the human body feel dry and comfortable. It is called "breathing fabric". At present, it is mainly used in high-end functional fields such as outdoor products, military uniforms and medical protection.