Baking Mat

- Apr 11, 2019-

1. Durable life - more than 2000 times of baking repeated use, the glass fiber reinforced design inside the silicone pad makes the silicone pad have an extremely long service life.

2. Permanently non-sticky - Silicone properties, permanent non-stick, no loss of non-stick properties due to wear and tear.

3. Super-adsorption - strong adsorption capacity, can absorb various operating tables such as wooden table tops, stainless steel table tops, marble table tops, glass table tops, etc. It is an ideal kneading workbench, kneading work board, and ideal western food. Placemat.

4. Clean and environmentally friendly - no need to apply oil when baking, demoulding is very easy. Can be used as a sugar art non-stick pad.

5. Super easy to wash - clean the silicone pad with a water or soft rag, or use a small amount of detergent to clean the brush.

6. Easy to store - when not in use, it can be rolled up and stored without taking up space.

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