Anti Static PTFE Fiberglass Fabric

- Aug 31, 2019-

PTFE fiberglass fabric anti-static type is always in black color, added with carbon and anti static agent, the material has anti static coefficient reach to 10^6. 

antistatic ptfe fiberglass fabric

Harms of Electrostatic

1. Electronic industry: Adsorption of dust, breakdown of integrated circuits and precision electronic components, causing malfunction of electronic equipment which will lead to electromagnetic interference.

2. Static may easy to cause explosion and fire during production of combustible and explosive materials

3. Film and plastics industry: static will cause failure winding of film


Anti static PTFE fiberglass fabric is an essential material is prevent the harms of electrostatic in several industries. With excellent electrical conductivity, Anti-static PTFE fiberglass is widely used in the electronics industry, plastics industry, textile industry and printing industry.



1. Anti static PTFE fiberglass fabric is made into PTFE adhesive tape, typical used in electronic industry to wrap cable. The tape is treated with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive on one side, can resist temperature to 260 C degrees.

anti static PTFE tape

2. Made into conveyor belts for fusing machine, typical used in clothing and textile industry. Mutiflon has experienced and professional worker to custom fusing belt in different sizes. The belts will be in high quality controlled to ensure its surface smooth and size accurate.

ptfe fuisng belt