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    • PTFE Roof Membrane

      PTFE Roof Membrane

      PTFE roof membrane is a special composite material designed for large-scale permanent tensile structure. The membrane is made of PTFE coated fabric, PTFE offers excellent weather, chemical UV radiation and temperature resistance

    • Teflon Conveyor Belts

      Teflon Conveyor Belts

      Teflon conveyor belts is made of Teflon coated fiberglass fabric which can resist high heat up to 500℉(260 ℃) and in the meanwhile provide extremely nonstick surface with high tensile strength and wear resistance.

    • PTFE Conveyor Belts

      PTFE Conveyor Belts

      PTFE conveyor belts are kind of high temperature conveyor belt alternative to common stainless steel mesh belts and polyester belts. The belt is 100% nonstick, high temperature resistant up to 260 ℃, chemical resistant and high tensile strength.